How to be a meeting legend! Fascinating facts to improve meeting productivity

How to be a meeting legend! Fascinating facts to improve meeting productivity
May 3, 2019 Joanna Goddard
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How to become a meeting legend! Fascinating facts to improve meeting productivity

You can enhance your business collaboration and productivity with Unified Communications to become a true meeting legend. Collaborate is the innovative new smart solution for communicating between remote and multi site teams and external clients. Work smarter, wherever you are, as long as there’s an internet connection you’ll have the ability to conference. Collaborate by Market Leader Gamma, provides additional tools like document and screen sharing. As a result, you’ll never waste time on a bad meeting, ever again.

Did you know?

  • If you work for 40 years, you’ll spend 10 years in meetings or preparing for them
  • Most professionals attend a total of 61.8 meetings per month
  • 91% of professionals admit to daydreaming while in meetings
  • 73% focus on unrelated work during meetings
  • 89% of people believe that better technology could improve their meetings

Is the quality of Skype for Business not quite there? Are you unsure about Google Hangouts? Or have you simply been paying for an app that’s underutilised? Explore Gamma’s Collaborate, the bolt-on to Gamma’s Horizon that will help get your meetings back on track.

One Unified Communications solution to suit all:

  • Launch audio and video conferencing
  • Desktop screen and application sharing
  • Chat with colleagues
  • See your attendee list and share the link with external guests

It’s estimated that around £37bn is lost annually because of the lack of productivity in meetings. Why not break the bad meeting cycle and depend on Collaborate to keep your meetings on track, consequently, making bad meetings a thing of the past.

With Collaborate, you can move instantly from one communication channel to another.  As a result, there’s no hanging around while your colleagues switch applications, install software or schedule a conference call. Why not become a meeting legend and give your meetings a makeover today?


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