Secrets to Better Value for your Business Communications

Secrets to Better Value for your Business Communications
June 27, 2018 Joanna Goddard

Secrets to getting better value for your business phones, data, lines and minutes 

Business communications are changing at a faster rate than ever before. Whilst telephony and mobile solutions for business have visually changed, so too has the way in which the less visible provision of lines and minutes are bought and sold. Coupled with the requirements of data, from mobiles phones to information storage, the whole arena of value in communications for business has become a bit of a minefield to navigate.

From individual freelancers to global corporates, third sector organisations and temporary site solutions, our team of communications specialists have expertise in this area including, through the scale of our company group, significant buying power.

Here are our secrets to getting better value for your business communications:

  1. Schedule a regular audit – rake out your contracts and schedule 2-3 months in advance of each one being due for renewal, to review the costs, amounts of unused lines, minutes and data. Do some research with similar sized businesses as to rates being paid and the contract terms and then benchmark if you are getting a fair deal or not. Our Team at ND Communications do this daily for a variety of business across the country including for those who have staff and or offices abroad. It’s free to existing customer to get benchmark advice for free so tap right in.
  2. Learn to negotiate – What’s included what’s not and how often billing should be made can vary enormously. Big providers can flex to support smaller businesses too so learn some negotiating skills. Our team often find that as businesses grow over the years they fall into the trap of simply buying more as staff number increase. However, it’s often the case they should in fact be now been benefiting from powers of scale and be getting a far better deal per head. Consider these points when you next review your contracts and be confident in negotiating. Or, enlist one of our specialist team to negotiate on your behalf. It can save you significant time and money. Our team of communications specialists can also train your team in negotiating to ensure that you can do this for yourself in future.
  3. Tap into buying power – As noted above, as a business grows the benefits of buying powerful should be experienced. This is also true for large companies like ours who across a wide group leverage exceptionally good buying power for lines, minutes, data and storage, as well as handsets and mobiles. We can share this with our customers so get in touch. As your business and growth plans continue to develop be sure to align your operation factors and costs.

A business communications audit will enable you to learn the following:

  • If you could be benefiting from newer technology
  • If you are entitled to be receiving newer technology from your existing providers under your existing agreements
  • If you could be leveraging more lines minutes and storage under your existing payment schedule
  • If you could be saving money or improving cash flow on your billing
  • If you could benefit form collecting buying power across all your provision and or with a provider

If you would like to book a communications value audit with one of our team, contact us. We work with clients at locations throughout the UK and abroad.