Why business is booming on The Team Valley Industrial Estate

Why business is booming on The Team Valley Industrial Estate
July 16, 2018 Joanna Goddard

There are currently around 700 companies based at Team Valley Estate, and each day approximately 20,000 people travel to Team Valley. There’s a great secret to business referrals at Team Valley too…

Our Gateshead office is also home to a business club, which generates referrals for our customers and suppliers.

The ND Communications Team supports customers all across the UK. Our Gateshead office near Newcastle is a focal point for our Sales Team members and Engineers to meet up and liaise with our administration teams.

Team Valley, which was traditionally an industrial area of Gateshead in Tyne and Wear, has more recently become home to the ‘Retail World’ retail park. Numerous large international companies are also now based on the trading estate and it is rapidly developing as a business park according to Wikipedia, as opposed to purely an industrial estate.

You’re invited

In addition to providing secure telecoms services, ND Communications runs our monthly business club to further support our clients and suppliers to develop their own regular business referrals. Much as we cannot claim responsibility for generating all the growth at Team Valley, we have seen a number of our North East of England customers enquire about business units at Team Valley as they plan for their own expansions.

If your organisation is located at Team Valley, or you do business with clients in the area and would like to attend one of our business club meetings, meet some local contacts and find out more about Team Valley, do contact us for details.

The meetings are relaxed, informal yet effective. They run over lunchtime on the last Thursday of every month at our office in Gateshead. ND Communications host this, there is no charge to our guests. If you would welcome the opportunity to enjoy increased referrals without pressure then let us know which month you would like to join us and we will book you in.

Expansions and relocations is something our team has a track record in helping with, upgrading and providing new secure telecoms systems. If you need any advice on that again don’t hesitate to contact us.

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